#10 GREENLIFE® ~ 360 Tablets

Nature´s Multivitamin and Mineral Dietary Supplement

GreenLife® has been produced since 1953, and is the original and pioneer of organic cereal grass products. It is a 100% vegetable food, containing 92% dried extracted juices of organically grown cereal grasses: barley, oats, and wheat (no chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used); and 8% papain, beets and sea kelp. The grasses are cut at the young, rapidly growing stage, when the maximum nutrition is in the blade. The juice is extracted from the grass, chilled, and dried to a powder by a low-heat, vacuum dry process. GreenLife®is made without the use of fillers, binders, or synthetic drying agents, such as maltodextrin (sugar). Every known precaution is taken to preserve the integrity and freshness of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes naturally present in the dried juice.

GreenLife® is bottled in inert amber glass bottles to block light and prevent nutrient reactivity with plastic, and sealed with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. We use cereal grass - not the grain - so there is no gluten, making it is safe for individuals with wheat allergies. GreenLife® is a concentrated product, retaining its natural balance as a complete all-food supplement. It is nontoxic in any consumable amount, and helps balance nutritional deficiencies resulting from consumption of devitalized and processed foods.* GreenLife® is available in tablets (#10) and in powder form (#11).

Our GreenLife® is made from cereal grain grasses grown on organically treated soil. Soils are amended on a regular basis with compost, cover crops, and rock minerals. Never are chemical fertilizers or insecticides used. The grass blades are cut at the first joint stage. This time in grass development is crucial, because most of the nutrients are found in the blade. After the joint forms, the grain embryos emerge from the ground and nutrients are directed from the blades into the grain, resulting in a dramatic decrease in nutrient content of the grass. After cutting, the grass is juiced and the juice is evaporated to a dry powder under high vacuum with infinite care and at low temperature so as to retain a maximum of the enzymes, vitamins and mineral factors.

We believe that our basic building product, GreenLife®, makes a significant contribution to maintain the nutritional health of the average individual because:

  1. It is grown on proven, organically treated soil. Such soil produces a product with protein content far above the average of similar vegetation grown elsewhere.
  2. No poisonous insecticides are used or needed.
  3. It is brought to the consumer without "stabilizing" it with chemicals or heat.
  4. It becomes biologically active when moistened.
  5. It is non-toxic in any amount one would reasonably consume.
  6. It contains all the elements science has been able to isolate from other vegetation for which mammals have a demonstrated need. We are confident it contains every nutrient needed by man (except fiber, water and vitamin D).

This product is a key component included in our 7 Day Cleansing Program kit.

Recommended Dosage: 12 tablets daily

Directions: Take a portion of the 12 tablets with each meal, if possible.

Contents: 360 tablets

Literature: "Your Life," "The Cereal Grasses," and "GreenLife® - Natural Vitamins


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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