These suggestions are for daily supplementation and for after the 7 Day Cleansing Program:

  1. Use No. 7 Detoxificant and No. 9 Intestinal Cleanser in a Cleansing Drink morning and evening as daily maintenance. Many use the Cleansing Drink every morning for years to help build and maintain bowel regularity. The purpose of No. 7 is to adsorb (not absorb) undesirable matter in the alimentary canal. The purpose of No. 9 is to furnish fiber that retains moisture. It is mucilaginous, slippery, soft and bulky. (It has far more fiber than bran.)
  2. For best results take 20 tablets of No. 10 GreenLife®, 12 capsules of No. 3 Wheat Germ Oil, 6 tablets of No. 6 Pro-Gest, 4 tablets of No. 17 Natural Source Vitamin C, and 5 tablets of No. 18 Beet Plant Juice daily for two or three months; then reduce to amounts on labels. These can be taken with or between meals with water or unsweetened juice. Remember these are FOOD supplements, not MULTI- VITAMINS (synthetics).
  3. Resume normal eating, but eliminate from your diet anything containing bleached whole wheat or bleached and refined white flour products. Also eliminate anything containing artificial color or flavor, corn syrup or refined sugars. Instead, use whole wheat, stone ground, or sprouted whole wheat flour and honey (preferred), raw sugar, or maple sugar. Inquire until you find them.
  4. Eat a good size raw vegetable salad daily and one cooked leafy vegetable.
  5. Eat fresh, raw fruits, in season, between meals and for desserts.
  6. Cook, bake, or steam all vegetables definitely on the raw side. (Microwaving not recommended for any food.)
  7. Cook beef very, very rare. Broil fish on one side only. Cook eggs softly.
  8. Eat melons between meals.
  9. Drink water generously between meals only. Drinking water during meals dilutes the digestive enzymes in the mouth and stomach.
  10. See that one half of your food intake is fresh and raw, and gradually increase.
  11. Be sure to eat something raw at each meal. If this is not always practical, then augment the meal with No. 10 GreenLife®.
  12. Exercise. Even well-balanced blood is ineffective unless it is aerated (oxygenated), so walk, walk, walk.